Goodbye LinkedIn

I’ve deleted my LinkedIn profile today and I thought I should write why I did that. Don’t worry, I’ll not bother you to tell it’s pros and cons, as I think you already know that stuff. Here I’ll share only my personal experience with LinkedIn.

I started using LinkedIn back in 2011, along with Twitter. I already had a Facebook account. I started spending way too much time browsing through useless messages, filtering relevant notifications, and no surprise, I become addicted to social media. Slowly I began to understand, this has to change. 

My process of cleaning up my social media and disconnecting from it had begun in early 2013. I’d already reduced my Twitter followings from the thousands down to just over a hundred real friends and industry influencers that I actually knew and talked to regularly. Facebook had already been given the boot, as I felt it was just too distracting and didn’t add anything to my life. As a result, I became more focused and productive almost immediately. It was like being set free from the obligation to continually check notifications, updates, and respond to them. 

With LinkedIn, I asked myself why I was still using it, and what I got out of it. I wanted to be connected with industry professionals, and I already had Twitter for that. I also wasn’t actively looking for jobs, since from the beginning I always had jobs that I like. I had GitHub to showcase my skills and works. So in the real world I found no use of it. On the downside, I did receive hundreds of spam offers from people and bots. Most of them were automated and very often incompatible with my skills, experience, and profile. So finally, I said goodbye to LinkedIn today. 

Since I decided to ditch my LinkedIn account, I’ve made more effort to develop professional relationships, seek out work opportunities, and have become far more productive when it comes to advancing my professional career.

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